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Inactive OSGi manifest headers #71

jglick opened this Issue · 4 comments

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jna-3.4.0.jar's manifest contains various OSGi-related attributes such as Bundle-SymbolicName. However these are all within the section named com/sun/jna/, whereas OSGi only interprets attributes in the main section of the manifest. (*) So as far as I know none of these do anything at all. Intentional or mistake?

(*) As opposed to Specification-Version and the like which are defined by the JAR specification and are supposed to be in a named section. Hardly anything pays attention to these attributes, though java.lang.Package can be used to introspect them.


Well the section is supposed to be there, as I said, for old-style JAR versioning attributes. It is just the placement of OSGi attributes in it that is wrong.

I can make this into a pull request if you would like, though it should be pretty trivial: just move the OSGi-related attributes outside of <section>.


I guess a duplicate of issue #63.

@twall twall closed this
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