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Visual Center

Tool that will find the visual center of your images / logos.


How it works.

It calculates a visual weight value for every pixel on the image: the square root of the difference between that pixel and the background color. And then the algorithm tries to balance that weight in all directions.

Why the square root?

Programmatic Usage.

npm install visual-center --save
const getVisualCenter = require('visual-center')

getVisualCenter(<imgSrc>, function(err, result) {
    results in an object with the data as:
        visualTop: <Visual center for Y axis, from 0 to 1>
        visualLeft: <Visual center for X axis, from 0 to 1>
        bgColor: <The background color that we detected>
        width: <The width of the image>
        height: <The height of the image>


BSD-3-Clause License