Library that generates dart classes from json strings
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JSON to Dart

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Given a JSON string, this library will generate all the necesary Dart classes to parse and generate JSON.

This library is designed to generate Flutter friendly model classes following the flutter's doc recommendation.


  • In an array of objects, it is assumed that the first object is representative of the rest of them.
  • When an empty array is given, it will create a List. Such weird behaviour should warn the user that there is no data to extract.
  • Equal structures are not detected yet (Equal classes are going to be created over and over).
  • Dart automatically casts doubles without decimals (like 10.0) to int. Use doubles with at least one decimal number.
  • Properties named with funky names (like "!breaks", "|breaks", etc) or keyword (like "this", "break", "class", etc) will produce syntax errors.