C# Class implementation of LZ-String javascript library
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C# Class implementation of lz-string (based on https://github.com/pieroxy/lz-string)


  • Install with NuGet: Install-Package LZStringCSharp, or;
  • Downloaded from the Releases page

Please Note

If you plan on using this library for data sent by the browser (e.g. compressed in JavaScript in the browser, and sent to the server using HTTP), do not use compressToUTF16 and DecompressFromUTF16. Safari will mangle up the data by converting to UTF-8, breaking the actual bytes of the request. Instead, you should use compressToEncodedURIComponent DecompressFromEncodedURIComponent.


lz-string-csharp was created by jawa-the-hutt, with several necessary improvements made by christianrondeau