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OpenStreetMap Contributor Mapping Tool

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About the App

The Openstreetmap Contributor app allows anyone to contribute to OSM. It enables those-who-know to easily manage a group of newbies as the contribution process is intuitive and easy. Bring your MapParties to a whole new level!

How it works

For years, we have been using apps that do everything. For OSM, it means: add any node/way, edit, delete, comment, tag... The hardest thing is that an amenity is not constrained to any model.
If it does not really raise any issue for a desktop use, it is challenging when it comes to mobile contribution.

The approach proposed here is a little different, even though it stays compliant with the classical approach:

  1. Go on the website and select a contribution zone
  2. Load all amenities of the zone, or manually declare the amenity model
  3. Generate the custom contributor app
  4. Give it to your team, play, and start mapping!

Beta instances

@Community: We are grateful for any feedback you might have on either the frontend or the mobile apps. Go crazy and let us know!


THe app is now using firebase to report crash and other analytics. In order to run gradle tasks, you have to place the google-services.json, which can be found on the firebase project website, at the root of the project folder.

How to compile the application

The flavour you will most probably want to build yourself is the store flavour which is the one on the Google Playstore.
To build the project:

  1. Create a file at the project's root
  2. Put all your secret API Key :
  1. Execute the gradle task assembleStoreRelease, you can specify the OSM api url as a parameter:
./gradlew assembleStoreRelease -PosmUrl=

Feedback / Issue tracking

Please use this github project as a feedback, feature request or issue tracker.
You can use the following tags to help us: [Bug], [Mobile], [Web], [Feature], [Feedback]


You can also reach us on Twitter:
@LoicOrtola (Technical)
@Olduv (Legal)


  • Add more options for edition of ways.


See the file.

More Screenshots!

Poi creation| Ways edition Ways edition satellite view| Changeset Commit Changeset Commit | Notes on Map Note discussion| Augmented reality


This app is actively developed by:

Translations / Beta testers

This app is being translated by the community via the awesome tool Transifex. Want to help? Add your language here, and let us know on Twitter.

We also want to thank our many beta testers:

  • Gilles B.
  • Donat R.

We welcome any contributors with issues / pull requests.


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