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Project for the Advanced Multimodal Machine Learning course at CMU.
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Project for the Advanced Multimodal Machine Learning course at CMU.


Install required libraries

Bootstrapping is currently only supported for Ubuntu 14.04. You can use either Theano or TensorFlow as the backend. It's not possible to have both in a single setup since they require different CUDA/cuDNN versions. To bootstrap, simply specify the backend and run the bootstrap script.

$ BACKEND=theano bootstrap/
$ BACKEND=tensorflow bootstrap/

If running without GPUs, set the CPU_ONLY flag:

$ BACKEND=theano CPU_ONLY=1 bootstrap/

Reboot the system after this so drivers are properly loaded.

Install Python packages

Once the required libraries have been installed (either through the bootstrap script or manually), you can install the Python packages to a virtual environment using

$ ./

By default, the virtualenv is created inside ./env. You can change the location using the VENV_DIR variable:

$ VENV_DIR=venv ./

You're ready to go now. You can access the virtualenv by sourcing its activate script:

$ source <VENV_DIR>/bin/activate

To reinstall dependencies, or install new dependencies, simply run the install script again.