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BalenaOS/BalenaCloud based Kiosk using Chromium on a RaspberryPi
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BalenaOS/BalenaCloud RaspberryPi Chromium Kiosk

This is a simple kiosk for loading a web site in Chromium running on a Raspberry PI using BalenaOS/Balena Cloud.

Original Source

The project was originally a fork from the resin-electronjs template.


Updated from the original fork to use Chromium and the latest Balena Libs. The template will load the necessary packages and initialize systemd which is required for local device input to the app container. The chromium user is created, given appropriate permissions and Chromium is launched.


Tested on Raspberry Pi 3b and 3b+. Input from local device touch screen, keyboard and a USB wedge scanner has been tested. Use at your own risk.

Getting Started

What is Balena

Environment Variables

Create an enviroment variable in your Balena app named URL_LAUNCHER_URL and assign it your web accessible URL. The Chromium start page loads by default.


No expert claims here. ;) I am sure there are better ways to put this together. But this solution works for us and meets our needs.

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