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Launchr is an open source SaaS starter kit, based on Django.


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Launchr is an open source SaaS starter kit.


Launchr is a fully-equipped starter template, ready to start a SaaS web app. It implements the whole payment flow + subscription management and comes with user authentication & registration and a ton of other features.

Getting Started

If you want to try out Launchr, follow the examples below.


Install Docker and Docker Compose.


To create a new project, open up a terminal and clone Launchr to your current working directory:

git clone

Move the repository you just cloned to the one your are going to use for your project:

mv launchr project_name

Switch to your newly created project directory and start the stack:

cd project_name
docker-compose up

Once Docker is finished downloading and building, open up a second terminal and run the initial migrations for the project:

docker-compose run app python migrate

You should now be able to reach your local development server by visiting http://localhost:8000/.

Where to go from here?

One of the first things you want to do is to set up payments via Stripe.


Click here to find the Documentation.