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This Vagrant setup can be used to test Percona XtraDB Cluster (Percona Server with Galera)

This is used with Centos 6 x86_64.

If you don't have a Centos 6 base box, you can download mine at
This box includes puppet, firewall is disabled and has a nice motd ;)

How to use ?

vagrant up percona1
vagrant up percona2
vagrant up percona3

And this is all, you have now 3 servers running Percona XtraDB Cluster !

These recipes also install HAProxy on percona1.  One for writes (single cluster node) and one for reads (rr of all cluster nodes).

See cluster status:


Note: SElinux is disabled, there is a selinux policy file included that allows the server to start but the other nodes aren't yet able to sync, I need to investigate...