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!Zap for RISC OS

Message to zap-users, 8th August 2016:

It's been over 12 years since 1.47 beta 1, and at that point development had already slowed to a crawl. In the intervening years, the former developers of Zap have all moved on to other things. Right now we have mailing lists, a source code repository (still using CVS!) and a website. For various reasons at my end, it's time to address some of this.

I'm aware that some people have done work on Zap since then. (A couple of people have also asked over the years for permission to distribute Zap, some of them I believe with modifications, since it doesn't have an open source license and so these kinds of things are murky.) So it's possible that there are people out there who could take this over.

CVS is, for most people, a dim and distant memory. I've converted the old repo to git and put it on github ( for the time being. I will be closing pull requests against it (so please don't), but I'm quite happy to transfer it into a github org if others want to take it over. It's entirely possible that the CVS-to-git conversion process didn't work properly, so I won't be getting rid of the old CVS repo; it just won't be available to others from around October this year.

The website is frozen in its current state, and I've added a notice saying that. (The dynamic source for the website is in the git repo.)

The mailing lists have had almost zero activity recently, and since I no longer have any time for Zap myself, I'd like to close them down (just keeping on top of spam and subscription requests has been work, and indeed recently I've not even been able to manage new subscription requests properly — the problem being that almost all of them are actually spam). The archives are currently (and, from what I remember, deliberately) private, so we should be cautious about whether to make them available elsewhere. (Again, I'm not going to delete my copies of the archives, in case anyone finds a use for them in future. There were at time considerable technical discussions which might be of interest if anyone is considering further development.)

Since I believe there are people still using Zap actively, it might be an idea for someone to set up a single new mailing list so there is someone for people to discuss issues going forward. I'm of course more than happy to add something to the git repo to aid people finding it.


Complete source and distribution files for !Zap, no longer under development. PRs will be closed unless you're willing to take over.






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