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A gltron-like game in for the vectrex32. Note that the distributed version is combined into one big file for some convinence - if you want to look at the source, I recommend the github at

Controls for one player (third person): joystick - move camera button 1 - turn left button 2 - turn right button 3 - zoom camera in button 4 - zoom camera out

Controls for one player (first person):

button 1 - turn left button 2 - turn right button 3 - peek left button 4 - peek right

Controls for two players on one controller:

button 1 - turn left button 2 - turn right button 3 - turn left (player 2) button 4 - turn right (player 2)

Finally, you can exit to the vectrex32 menu by selecting the release at the bottom of the menu!

About the development

Despite having been started around six months ago, the majority of this game was actually completed in the first couple of weeks - most of the rest was a combination of writing tooling and getting to grips with the platform, although much like everyone else, 2020 has been.... a year. Yeah. But there is vectrex! I did spend weeks on the sound effects, because I am a ridiculous human being who cannot do anything normal. The good news is that the tooling all translates across to my other games, so the completion of those should be a LOT faster.

Definitly a less complex game next, as a palette cleanser, before my next more complicated one. There are a couple in flight, and I'll hopefully finish one of them soon! But as learning and pushing the platform has gone, this one has worked out okay.


3d tron game for vectrex32






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