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jQuery Face Detection Plugin

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A jQuery/Zepto plugin to detect faces on images, videos and canvases to get theirs coordinates.

Importante note: This plugin uses an algorithm by Liu Liu.


Website and demo here:

Get started

Download the plugin with the method of your choice.

  • Download the last release manually

  • Or install it with Bower.

      bower install jquery.facedetection
  • Or install it with NPM.

      npm install jquery.facedetection

Include jQuery and the plugin.

<script src=""></script>
<script src="path/to/dist/jquery.facedetection.min.js"></script>

Set a picture with some faces in your HTML page.

<img id="picture" src="img/face.jpg">

Apply the plugin to this image and get the face coordinates.

        complete: function (faces) {


Returns an array of found faces object:

  • x — X coord of the face in the picture
  • y — Y coord of the face in the picture
  • width — Width of the face
  • height — Height of the face
  • positionX — X position relative to the document
  • positionY — Y position relative to the document
  • offsetX — X position relative to the offset parent
  • offsetY — Y position relative to the offset parent
  • scaleX — Ratio between original image width and displayed width
  • scaleY — Ratio between original image height and displayed height
  • confidence — Level of confidence


  • interval — Interval (default 4)

  • minNeighbors — Minimum neighbors threshold which sets the cutoff level for discarding rectangle groups as face (default 1)

  • confidence — Minimum confidence (default null)

  • async — Async mode if Worker available (default false). The async mode uses Workers and needs the script to be on the same domain.

  • grayscale — Convert to grayscale before processing (default true)

  • complete — Callback function trigged after the detection is completed

      complete: function (faces) {
          // ...
  • error — Callback function trigged on errors

      error: function (code, message) {
          // ...


A jQuery plugin to detect faces on images, videos and canvases.




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