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A jQuery plugin to fetch tweets from a person or it's list.
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jQuery Twitter Fetcher

A simple plugin to include some tweets to your html page.

Simple usage:

Remember to include jQuery and the jquery.twitter.fetcher files on your page:

jQuery('#tweets_holder').twitter_fetcher({user: 'jaysonsantos', limit: 10});

This will show user's tweets inside #tweets_holder. If you want to display a user's list do this.

jQuery('#tweets_holder').twitter_fetcher({user: 'jaysonsantos', limit: 10,
    list: 'test_list'});

Check example.html inside the repository to see it working or try the project GitHub page.

Other usages:

You can override some options like this:

jQuery('#tweets_holder').twitter_fetcher({user:'jaysonsantos', limit:10,
    profile_name: true, profile_screen_name: false,
    format_date_callback: your_callback});

Where profile_name will show user real name, and format_date_callback will execute a custom callback to display dates, for example, if you want to translate that information.

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