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A pure python module (thread safe) to access memcached via it's binary protocol with SASL auth support.
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Introduction to bmemcached

A pure python module (thread safe) to access memcached via it's binary with SASL auth support.

The main purpose of this module it to be able to communicate with memcached using binary protocol and support authentication, so it can work with Heroku for example.

Latest compiled docs on Read The Docs here.


Use pip or easy_install.

pip install python-binary-memcached


import bmemcached
client = bmemcached.Client(('', ), 'user',
client.set('key', 'value')
print client.get('key')

Running the tests

First run memcached with:

memcached -S -vvv
memcached -p5000 -S -vvv
memcached -S -s/tmp/memcached.sock -vvv

This is to cover all tests with socket, standard port and non standard port.

Then, run the tests.

cd src_dir/

Using with Django

If you want to use it with Django, go to django-bmemcached to get a Django backend.

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