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The RudolF blog-algorithms-site-playground!

It uses

  • Jetty (server),
  • Ring (Http abstraction layer for simpler sites)
  • Compojure (Http forwarding and routing library)
  • Hiccup (HTML representation, in Clojure)

Get Started By running locally

  • get dependencies (goes off to maven and grabs all the jars)

      $ lein deps
  • start Clojure from inside the project

      $ lein repl 
  • and from inside the Clojure repl:

      user=> (use 'rudolfweb.main-local) 
      user=> (boot) 
  • Finally : Open the page in your web browser: you should see a welcome message. For other URLs to try take a look at util.clj.

A more "herokuish" way to run locally:

  • export PORT=8000 (read by Procfile deployer)
  • Run the "Procfile" (run the Procile launch command, in your terminal).

Run as a new app on Heroku

First create a new app at Heroku with the cedar stack:

heroku create --stack cedar <my-app-name>

To run the webapp with Heroku we need the Procfile file and main-heroku.clj.

Example of running (easy), note the Procfile is the "driver".

Deployment to

First method

  • certify your keys with heroku (email jay to add you to the heroku app authenticated users emails)

  • install the heroku toolbelt

  • then:

      git remote add heroku
      git remote add

Automated method (beta)

  • push to github (this is experimental, and underway, we will see if it works).

Pushing and Pulling

  • this deploys the code, so make sure you run it locally first:

     git push heroku master
  • do this any time, it just commits the code to git:

    git push origin master


This is distributed under the RudolF license, which means that you can use it however you want to as long as you say good things about functional & compositional programming.