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pgsql.go is a high-level wrapper for the PostgreSQL database libpq client library.


The pgsql.go package Makefile assumes that pg_config is in your $PATH to automatically determine the location of the PostgreSQL include directory and the shared library.

To use the compiled pgsql.go package, the library directory should be in your library path (e.g., $LD_LIBRARY_PATH on Linux).


cd $GOROOT/src/pkg
git clone git://
make install

The package self-test pgsql_test.go assumes that the user running the test can connect to a running PostgreSQL server on localhost with an existing testdb database. See the PostgreSQL installation documentation (short version) for how to create a test database, or adjust the test connection parameters to suit your setup.


import ""

See the package test file pgsql_test.go for example usage.

Connection Pools

Two goroutines cannot safely use the same database connection at the same time. However it's often necessary for multiple goroutines to access a database simultaneously, such as when creating a goroutine per HTTP request in a web server. It's also relatively inefficient to create a new database connection for transient goroutines.

For this type of situation, pgsql.go provides a connection pool type Pool which allows for safe sharing of multiple connections between any number of goroutines in the same process.

To create and use a connection pool, simply do the following (with error handling omitted):

// In main goroutine:
// Create a connection pool with up to 3 connections.
pool, _ := pgsql.NewPool("dbname=testdb", 3, pgsql.DEFAULT_IDLE_TIMEOUT)

// In worker goroutine:
conn, _ := pool.Acquire() // Get a connection from the pool.
// Use the connection normally.
result, _ := conn.Query("SELECT SUM(balance) FROM account")
// ...
pool.Release(conn) // Release the connection back to the pool.

For a complete example demonstrating connection pool usage, see the file pool_example.go.


pgsql.go was written by John E. Barham (

The API is inspired by the gosqlite package by Russ Cox.