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This repo aims at easing the integration of cucumber and cucumber-nagios with your nagios instance (or shinken or icinga etc.) :

  • is a sample nagios check script to help you test your websites ; cucumber-nagios is fine if we want a quick and dirty check in nagios, but this script uses directly the cucumber command so that it can have 3 outputs : an html page, a json file, and finally the nagios (formatted thanks to cucumber-nagios) to stdout.
  • index.php is a sample PHP script which could be put in the $datadir defined in : it aims at centralizing informations for different cucumber runs, so that you have a clean global portal in front of your "unit" cucumber html files


You can use the PHP script wherever you want, as soon as you have access to both HTML and JSON outputs from Cucumber. I personnaly tend to do the following :

  • create a new cucumber sub-directory under the share/ directory at the root of my Nagios installation (so that it's automatically served by Apache)
  • put the index.php script in this directory
  • generate .html/ and .json/ in under this same directory


If you want to contribute :

  • Fork the project
  • Do your changes and commit them to your repository
  • Send me a pull request


These scripts are released under the MIT license.