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jQuery plugin to create Google maps
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gmap3 - Google Maps and jQuery

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gmap3 is a plugin for jQuery which allows you to use the Google maps API easily.

Why using gmap3?

Full jQuery

  • The same map can be accessed by all css selectors
  • Chainable

Full Google Maps API

  • Even if gmap3 provides simplified types, Google Maps types and objects are still usable

Silent use of Google Maps services

  • Google Maps services are usable without any code (address resolution...)

A complete documentation

Read the documentation

Lot of examples

Robust and maintained

Created on 2010, Gmap3 has evolved a lot thanks to hundreds of feedback. It is now used by thousands of website and included in many packages and themes for various CMS and framework. Gmap3 is compatible with all modern browsers (IE9+) and with jQuery 1.6+.


GPL v3

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