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JQuery plugin to create Google maps

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gmap3 - Google Maps and jQuery


gmap3 is a plugin for jQuery which allows you to use the Google maps API easily. It provides some powerful functions (clustering...) and some simple which avoid you to write lot of repetitive code. However, it allows to use all the Google Maps API.


GPL v3

Why using gmap3 ?

Full jQuery

  • The same map can be accessed by all css selectors
  • Chainable

Full Google Maps API

  • Even if gmap3 provides simplified types, Google Maps types and objects are still usable

Silent use of Google Maps services

Unique Id, tags & custom data

  • All objects added (markers, overlays ...) can have a unique id and / or have tag(s) in order to access / remove it later (example of id and tags)
  • All objects can embed custom data which are sent on events (example of custom data)

A complete documentation

Read the documentation

Lot of examples

  • All the features are visible in a single standalone file in the package

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