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Yahoo! Cloud System Benchmark (YCSB)

A note on comparing multiple systems

NoSQL systems have widely varying defaults for trading off write durability vs performance. Make sure that you are comparing apples to apples across all candidates. The most useful common denominator is synchronously durable writes. The following YCSB clients have been verified to perform synchronously durable writes by default:

  • Couchbase
  • HBase
  • MongoDB

Cassandra requires a configuration change in conf/cassandra.yaml. Uncomment these lines:

# commitlog_sync: batch
# commitlog_sync_batch_window_in_ms: 50


Getting Started

  1. Download the latest release of YCSB:

    tar xfvz ycsb-0.1.4
    cd ycsb-0.1.4
  2. Set up a database to benchmark. There is a README file under each binding directory.

  3. Run YCSB command.

    bin/ycsb load basic -P workloads/workloada
    bin/ycsb run basic -P workloads/workloada

    Running the ycsb command without any argument will print the usage.

    See for a detailed documentation on how to run a workload.

    See for the list of available workload properties.

    Alternatively, see fabric/README for Thumbtack's work on parallelizing YCSB clients using Fabric.

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