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TeXchat is a simple web chat service that renders TeX math. Check it out at!

The goal is to make it trivially easy to have a conversation with someone else in the web, using mathematical symbols.

Currently, the prettiest math rendering is TeX math, which has ellegantly brought to the web. This is coupled with a simple chat service on top of

If you have any suggestions, feedback, issues, etc: please start a topic in the [](github issues) page. Feel free to contact the author directly, but github is preferable.

TeXchat is built by [](Juan Batiz-Benet).


git clone texchat
cd texchat
npm install
node backend/server.js

Then go to http://localhost:8080/ in your favorite web browser.


TeXchat is ready to be used with heroku. Simply:

heroku apps:create <app name>
git push heroku master
heroku ps:scale web=1

Unfortunately Heroku does not support websockets, so TeXchat will default to longpolling. Pusher is an addon that supports it, but it is rather pricey. If a workaround exists, would be happy to hear about it!


TeXchat is under the MIT License. All dependency libraries are each under their own license.


Project Homepage:

Feel free to contact me. But please file issues in github first. Cheers!