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This repo contains materials for the GUCS tutorial from SCALE 16x.

More importantly, it contains annotations of all 269 postgresql.conf settings for PostgreSQL 10.

Here's all the contents:

  • annotated.csv: a spreadsheet file of all 269 options ordered by category and subcategory, with recommendations and comments for your reference.
  • guc_tutorial_10.odp/pdf: the slides for the tutorial.
  • postgresql.10.simple.conf: a sample PostgreSQL 10 configuration file, with the 18 or so most common settings for users to alter called out.
  • extra.10.conf: an additional configuration file with another 24 options called out.
  • gucs.pgdump: a PostgreSQL 10 backup file, containing a database.
  • gucs.sql: a text-mode database dump

Load gucs.pgdump using pg_restore into a PostgreSQL 10 database:

createdb gucs
pg_restore -d gucs -x -O -U postgres gucs.pgdump

You can then query it to get ideas for specific settings, or maybe to even write a tuning tool of your own. The important tables are annotated which joins to the built-in pg_settings table, and the view annotated_report.

If you don't have PostgreSQL 10 on your desktop, then you can use an earlier version with the SQL file:

createdb gucs
psql -U postgres -f gucs.sql

... and ignore the messages about missing users etc. However, installing the gucs database onto an older version of Postgres will mean that new settings will be missing from the annotated_report, and some older ones may show up with no recommendations.

Corrections, Changes, and Arguments

See something missing? See something you disagree with? Issues noticed, and pull requests accepted.

Particularly, if someone wants to take on creating a formatted report based on the annotated_report, that would be lovely.


All of this material is licensed Creative Commons Share-Alike 4.0. Full text of license here


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