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Search Debian machine list for available porter boxes
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A simple script to list the available debian porterbox machines. If you happen to be a debian developer and you need access to a particular architecture, this script might be helpful if you don't feel like reading the web page.

The output looks similar to:

Architecture       Hostname                 Access
armel              public
armhf            public
kfreebsd-amd64      public (non-DSA-machine)
amd64          restricted
mipsel             public
hurd-i386        public (non-DSA-machine)
kfreebsd-amd64         public
kfreebsd-i386       public
mips          public
armhf            [unknown]
kfreebsd-i386            public (non-DSA-machine)
armhf               public (non-DSA-machine)
ia64             public
powerpc          developer only
ppc64el          public (non-DSA-machine)
sh4                     public (non-DSA-machine)
sparc           public
hurd-i386       public (non-DSA-machine)
sh4             public (non-DSA-machine)
armhf            public (non-DSA-machine)
avr32              public (non-DSA-machine)
s390x           public

Found 22 machines


You can use pip directly from the cloned repository:

$ cd porterbox
$ pip install -r requirements.txt
$ pip install . (or run the script directly)

Or you can create a virtualenv and install there (make sure python-virtualenv is installed):

$ cd porterbox
$ virtualenv .venv
$ . .venv/bin/activate
$ pip install -r requirements.txt
$ pip install . (or run the script directly)
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