Web XMPP Client based on the jslix library and yate template engine
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Habahaba is an experimental Web XMPP client based on JSLiX — XMPP library for JS based on the XML ORM approach and yate — JS template engine which is similar to XSLT but based on JSON. It uses MVC pattern, strictly separating logic from view, so new views can be written easily, and a system of plugins to extend it's functionality.

building and installing

At the very first you'll need:

  • SVN to download CryptoJS
  • node-js for yate to work
  • yate:
sudo npm install -g yate

First, clone the repo:

git clone git://github.com/jbinary/habahaba-js.git

Some of dependencies are shipped as git submodules, so we need to fetch them first:

git submodule init
git submodule update

Dependencies that couldn't be added as submodules are needed to be downloaded, we have a script that can do it for you:


Now you can build the build:

cd src
make all

Now you have the build in the build directory, you can point your web server's root to this directory.

Also, you'll need to setup a BOSH-server to make it possible to reach XMPP servers through HTTP. Please, refer this page for it.