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Building Matplotlib on Windows

This is a set of scripts to build matplotlib from source on the MS Windows platform. It builds matplotlib requiring only Visual Studio and CMake as pre-requisites; other library dependencies are embedded in this repository. Any complicated or other dependencies are considered bugs in this build script.

The Python shipped from is compiled with Visual Studio 2008 for versions before 3.3 and Visual Studio 2010 for 3.3 and later. Python extensions are recommended to be compiled with the same compiler. These scripts and the matplotlib look for the correct version via distutils. The .NET Framework 4.0 is required for MSBuild, but you likely already have it.

In addition to Visual Studio CMake is required for building libpng. For building documentation, you will need to install numpydoc and miktex. The required freetype, zlib, libpng, tcl, & tk source code is bundled with this repository since there is no canonical Windows package manager.

To build & install matplotlib in your Python, do:

git clone
git clone
python matplotlib-winbuild\

The build script will auto-detect Python version & 32/64 bit automatically.

The origin of these scripts is the comment by cgohlke in .