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This plugin is no longer supported. Leaving things up so I don't cause more link rot.


A jQuery plugin for generating a responsive ideal measure.

Getting Started

Download the javascript

In your web page:

<script src="jquery.js"></script>
<script src="jquery.rm.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">

	// Variables you can pass in:
	idealLineLength: (defaults to 66),
	minimumFontSize: (defaults to 16),
	maximumFontSize: (defaults to 300),
	ratio: (defaults to 4/3)


Extended feature(s)

This plugin includes a feature for generating a typographic scale that you can apply automagically on resize.

$(document).on('responsiveMeasureUpdated', function(e, data) {
	$('.giga').css('fontSize', data.fontRatios[9] + 'px');
	$('h1').css('fontSize', data.fontRatios[8] + 'px');
	$('h2').css('fontSize', data.fontRatios[7] + 'px');
	$('h3').css('fontSize', data.fontRatios[6] + 'px');
	$('p').css('fontSize', data.fontRatios[5] + 'px');
	$('.sm').css('fontSize', data.fontRatios[4] + 'px');


Copyright (c) 2012 Josh Brewer Licensed under the MIT, GPL licenses.