Node.js remote logging to Riak
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Remote Logging for Node.js and Riak

When working in a environment that could easily scale out horizontally to many servers, it often becomes necessary to manage logging in some aggregate way. This package for Node.js gives Node applications the ability to log to a central Riak server. It also provides a command-line utility for displaying those logs, including filtering based on log level and regular expression searching.


git clone
npm install ./node-rlog


To use it in your Node.js application, do the following:

var rlog = require('node-rlog');
var log = rlog.getLogger('bucketname');
log.debug('This is a debug line: ', myobj, myobj2);

When you want to view your log files, use the 'noderlog' command line utility:

> noderlog -b bucketname
2010-12-11T17:20:19.910Z [DEBUG] This is a debug line:  { test: 'value' } { test: 'object' }

A list of the options available to the noderlog utility can be output by passing a '-h':

> noderlog -h
Usage: rlog [options]

Available options:
  -d, --debug           Show DEBUG level and up log lines
  -i, --info            Show INFO level and up log lines
  -w, --warn            Show WARN level and up log lines
  -e, --error           Show ERROR level log lines
  -b, --bucket BUCKET   The log bucket to look in
  -r, --regex REGEX     A regular expression to apply to log lines
  -h, --help            Print this help

To limit the output to a particular log level, use the options for that level.

> noderlog -b bucketname -i

If you want to search your log output based on a regular expression, pass it using '-r':

> noderlog -b bucketname -r "^startswith"

This utility is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license.