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riak_core vnode Dispatcher that uses sockjs-erlang and cowboy

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SockJS riak_core vnode Dispatcher

Similar to the misultin-based vnode dispatcher [1], this dispatcher demonstrates how to use riak_core to serve a SockJS-based application.

It's not a re-usable application so much as it is a reference application you can cut-and-paste from to add SockJS capabilities to your riak_core application to give you a super-high-performance, highly-scalable, highly-available real-time web application.


git clone this project, then do a make. When that's built, start the server with the special bash script ./ Then point a SockJS capable browser to http://localhost:3000/static/ws.html.

You should see "Hello World!" if it works correctly. Check your browser's console output for more information.

[1] -

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