A timer plugin for jQuery
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jQuery Timer Plugin Gittip

A simple and effective way of handling JavaScript internals using jQuery. Version 1.0.0

Creating a new timer

Timers are created with an easy to remember syntax.

var timer = $.timer(timeout, callback, disabled);
  • timeout is the time to set the interval to run at, in milliseconds.
  • callback can be either a reference to another function, or an anonymous function.
  • disabled if set to true, the timer is created inactive, needs a .reset() to trigger first. Optional.

Timer methods

In the chance that you need to stop or reset your timer, you can use the following two methods:

  • .stop()
  • .reset([timeout])
  • .pause()
  • .resume()

The timeout option for reset is optional, as it'll use the default internal option reset.



MIT - http://jbrooksuk.mit-license.org