This package utilizes the Qualtrics API to interface with the Qualtrics survey system.
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Qualtrics R Package

The qualtrics R package provides functions to interact with the Qualtrics online survey tool. It requires that your account have API access. The latest development version can be installed from Github with the devtools package.

> require(devtools)
> install_github('qualtrics', 'jbryer')

> ls('package:qualtrics')
 [1] "addRecipient"           "createPanel"            "getPanel"              
 [4] "getPanelMemberCount"    "getPanels"              "getRecipient"          
 [7] "getSurvey"              "getSurveyName"          "getSurveyResults"      
[10] "getSurveys"             "sendReminder"           "sendSurveyToIndividual"
[13] "varEntryDialog" 

Login credentials are required. The varEntryDialog provides a user dialog for entering a username and password. Note that although password entry is masked in the dialog, the password is stored in plain text within R.

> login <- varEntryDialog(vars=c('Username', 'Password'), show=c(NA,'*'))

You can retrieve the list of survey in your account with the getSurveys function (note output has been truncated).

> getSurveys(login$Username, login$Password)
	responses SurveyType               SurveyID                            SurveyName
           1         117  SS SV_39RKJNe1htAdR4g  Faculty Survey of Student 	Readiness
           2         400  SS SV_3rQruV2eBPG7uFS      Staff Satisfaction Survey - 2011