HTML5 Comic visualizer mobile App and authoring tool
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HTML5 Comic visualizer mobile App and authoring tool.
Made for the 1st Betabeers Hackathon.

Israel Gutiérrez (gootyfer )
Víctor Hernández (uve.hache )
Juan Carlos Alonso (l_h2o_l )


Comic Surfer is mobile app in HTML5 that makes visualization of comics in small screens easier and with a little effort for artists.

Comic Surfer has two main parts, an authoring tool and a mobile interface.

The authoring tool enables the artist to select the vignettes for every page in the comic and it allows to link a sound or music to each one.

The mobile interface is made with (LungoJS ) allowing access to a huge share of the mobile devices. The user is able to select the desired comic he wants to read, and it will be presented in a very readable size. To navigate the app responds at two touch events: swipe left and swipe right, this makes the navigation very intuitive. When the user reaches the end of the page, a new page is downloaded from the server and starts from the first vignette.

There is a lot of work to do, this is only a very simple version to show the idea.
A “working” version is accesible from:

Limits and known bugs

Best experience on iPhone and Google Chrome (window resized to 320×480).
Sound effects doesn’t load on iPhone.
Android has problems with the touch events.
There’s only one comic and 3 pages of this one.