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A beets plugin to fetch genre information from


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beets-rymgenre is a beets plugin to fetch genre information from and assigning it to your albums and items.


I don't recommend using this plugin! I got banned from in mid-2016 for an abusive use of the site by using this plugin. The answer I got from Hossein Sharifi pointed out to scraping being disallowed by

RYM does not allow (and has never allowed) access via scraping or other types of scripts which access the site in an automated fashion. Please refrain from doing so until we complete our API, which is currently being developed and should be part of Sonemic.

The API is currently being developed and I might get back to this project when it is published.


The plugin requires lxml and requests, which you can install using pip by typing:

$ pip install lxml requests

After having lxml and requests installed, edit your config file and add the path to the beetsplug folder of a clone of this repository to your pluginpath line. Also enable the plugin by adding the rymgenre value to your plugins line.

Configuration attributes genres per album. Each album has a set of primary genres and a set of secondary genres. You can configure the plugin to set only the primary genres of an album or both the primary and secondary genres. There is also a tree of genres and you can set only the most specific genres for an album or the union of ancestor genres for each genre. The default configuration is setting all primary and secondary genres and their ancestors. You can override both settings by using the classes and depth configuration values. The classes configuration can be either primary or all, while depth can be either node or all:

    classes: all
    depth: all

It is also possible to configure the separator to use for multiple genres. The default value is ', ', but it is customizable through the separator configuration value:

    separator: ' / '


beets-rymgenre doesn't run automatically on import. Instead, one should use the command beet rymgenre [QUERY] to fetch genres for albums matching a certain query. The genre import requires user confirmation and can be overriden by selecting a different alternative or by specifying a URL.


Thanks to Rui Gonçalves, who created the original genres-tree yaml, using his scala-scraper library.


Copyright (c) 2014 Joao Azevedo. See LICENSE for details.


A beets plugin to fetch genre information from







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