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This fork is no longer maintained

Unfortunately I am unable to devote any significant amount of time to supporting this TextMate bundle.

I can merge any pull requests that come through until someone hopefully volunteers to take over maintenance.

If you would like to help keep this bundle alive please contact me through Github and we can discuss transferring ownership over to you.

The Git Textmate Bundle.


mkdir -p ~/Library/Application\ Support/TextMate/Bundles
cd ~/Library/Application\ Support/TextMate/Bundles
git clone git:// Git.tmbundle
  • In the TextMate preferences, advanced tab, shell variables, set the TM_GIT variable to point to your installation of git (ie /usr/local/bin/git)
  • Many shortcuts are available from the Git-shortcut (Ctrl-Shift-G). Subversion commands are Command-Option-g. Less frequent commands are accessed via the menu.
  • Update your bundle by running the "Update Git Bundle" command.

Theme notes:

The "Git Commit Message" Language defines two scopes that can be used by a theme to generate "line too long" warnings for the first line of the commit:

  • invalid.warning.line-too-long.git-commit
  • invalid.error.line-too-long.git-commit

The warning scope triggers when the first line exceeds 50 characters; the error scope over 65 characters. These aren't generally-used TextMate scopes, so you can add new rules to your preferred themes, such as orange background/red background. You can also edit the regex to change the preferred character counts.


Previous Maintainers

Git-tmbundle superstars

The Git TextMate Bundle wouldn't be possible without the contributions of the following fine gentlemen:

Major Contributions

  • Allan Odgaard - Started the bundle, got it rolling. Many patches. Oh, and TextMate :-).
  • Sam Granieri - GitK, Many of the git-svn commands, Git initialize repository command, menu layouting, create-tag.
  • Johan Sørensen - Contributing the CSS styling.

Patches, etc

  • Tommi Asiala - README file submission
  • Lawrence Pit - Performance Enhancements
  • Jay Soffian - Bug report with patch (missing environment variables)
  • Humberto Diógenes - Git-svn fetch command
  • Lee Marlow
  • Geoff Cheshire - Textile'd the README to make it look good on GitHub
  • Martin Kühl - Patch to allow committing into a git repository that's not the project root
  • Diego Barros - new config options, usability improvements
  • Thomas Aylott - Git commit language folding
  • Michael Sheets - Usability improvements
  • Henrik Nyh - Git 1.6 commit message compatibility and spelling corrections
  • Slava Kravchenko - Ruby 1.9 compatibility
  • Adam Vandenberg - First-line-too-long support

Please feel free to send a pull request if you've added any functionality to this bundle that you think the rest of the git-loving, TextMate-using world would appreciate!


The no longer maintained Git TextMate Bundle




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