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A matroid is a combinatorial structure abstracting the notion of (linear algebraic, graph-theoretic) independence. This package provides methods to perform computations with matroids in Macaulay2 (>= v1.5). Functionality includes:

  • user-friendly creation of matroids from a matrix, graph, or ideal
  • converting between various equivalent representations such as bases/circuits/flats/hyperplanes
  • operations such as union, relaxation, deletion/contraction
  • testing of isomorphism and minors
  • computing Tutte polynomials and Chow rings

and more!


This package is distributed with Macaulay2, since version 1.11. To manually install the latest version:

  • Download the source code (right-click, save link as -> "Matroids.m2")
  • Open a Terminal window, and cd to the download location if necessary
  • Start Macaulay2, and type installPackage "Matroids"
  • Once installed, one can load the package (from any location) with needsPackage "Matroids". Documentation can be viewed either in Terminal/Emacs with help Matroids, or in a browser with viewHelp Matroids