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C# Syslog Server
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Watson Syslog Server

Simple Syslog Server in C#

Watson Syslog Server will automatically start using a default configuration listening on UDP/514 and storing log files in the logs\ directory. If you wish to change this, create a file called syslog.json with the following structure:

  "Version": "Watson Syslog Server v1.0.0",
  "UdpPort": 514,
  "DisplayTimestamps": true,
  "LogFileDirectory": "logs\\",
  "LogFilename": "log.txt",
  "LogWriterIntervalSec": 10

Help or Feedback

Do you need help or have feedback? Contact me at joel at dot com or file an issue here!

New in v1.0.0

  • Initial release

Starting the Server

Build/compile and run the binary.

Running under Mono

This app should work well in Mono environments. It is recommended that when running under Mono, you execute the containing EXE using --server and after using the Mono Ahead-of-Time Compiler (AOT).

mono --aot=nrgctx-trampolines=8096,nimt-trampolines=8096,ntrampolines=4048 --server myapp.exe
mono --server myapp.exe

Version History

Notes from previous versions (starting with v1.0.0) will be moved here.

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