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Clay was originally written by KS Sreeram <> and Tachyon Technologies.
This fork is maintained by Joe Groff <>. The following people
have made contributions (in no particular order):
David R. MacIver <>
Marc Fauconneau (freenode prunedtree)
Daniel Kolesa <>
Szabó Antal (github @Sh4rK)
Philipp Brüschweiler <>
Jeremy Clifford (github @agemogolk)
Scott Olson <>
Shalabh Chaturvedi <>
(freenode Elrood)
Alfred Rossi <>
Arvid Picciani <>
Doug Coleman <>
John Benediktsson <>
Jyun-Yan You (github @crabtw)
Stepan Koltsov (
T.R. Shyam Sundar (
Dmitry Galchinsky (
If your name is missing from this list, let me know at
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