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evoTanks is a cross between a 2d tank shooter game and a genetics simulation. At its core it allows a human player to face off against a constantly improving AI. At its core it supports a 2d map with tanks that can navigate the map and shoot bullets at one another.


  • Tank movement and bullet physics in 2d map
  • collision detection
  • support for human keyboard input
  • Random Map Generation (recusive division algorithm)
  • Basic tank AI / Genetics
    • Path finding
    • Enemy Targeting
    • Agressiveness
    • Defensiveness (bullet path prediction)
  • Tank genetic "mating"



At its base the Tanki's AI is built with path-finding(breadth first search), targeting, and bullet avoidance logic. On top of this, the AI also has a number of adjustable traits wich modulate its agressiveness, sensitivity to incoming bullets, and targeting range. For the first 10 rounds the game generates AI with randomly selected traits. After a base population has been established winning AI are allowed to pass on their genes sucessssive generations through a genetic inheritance algorithm. Overtime the AI i able to effectively adapt its behvaviour to a given style of play.

The Map

To insure an enjoyable user experience and to prevent the AI from stagnating at a local optimum, a new map is randomly generated for each round. Maps are randomly generated using a recusrive division algorithm.

Technologies and Architecture

  • Game Logic & physics written in vanilla JS
  • DOM manipulation with jquery
  • Webpack to handle bundling

map.js Handles all game logic, frame by frame movement and collision detection tank.js handles all tank physics and movement bullet.js handle bullet movement tankAIController.js handles actual control of the tank based on given genetic traits tankUserController.js class to allow user control of tank AIBuilder.js handles evolution logic for tanks

Possible Future Features

  • More intelligent bullet avoidance for AI
  • More versatile targeting algorithm for AI
  • Graph AI performance over time


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