Job Scheduler/Background processor for recurring jobs within a date range
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Job Scheduler/Background processor for recurring jobs within a specified date range. Jobs are stored under a new recurring-daterange-job type, so they won't conflict with any jobs created with the existing recurring-job type.

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Run the following from Package Manager Console:

  Install-Package Hangfire.RecurringDateRange

Also, during development/testing, I will frequently publish CI builds to Nuget as pre-release builds (so I can test/debug from my own projects that use Hangfire.RecurringDateRange.) If you want to use these un-tested builds at your own risk, run the following command:

  Install-Package -IncludePrerelease Hangfire.RecurringDateRange


To use, pass in a new instance of RecurringDateRangeJobScheduler() into UseHangfireServer:

  var backgroundServerJobOptions = new BackgroundJobServerOptions();
  appBuilder.UseHangfireServer(backgroundServerJobOptions, new RecurringDateRangeJobScheduler());

This library also uses NCrontab.Advanced for cron expression parsing. You can specify the format of your cron expressions via the cronStringFormat parameter:

  appBuilder.UseHangfireServer(backgroundServerJobOptions, new RecurringDateRangeJobScheduler(CronStringFormat.WithSecondsAndYears));

By default, RecurringDateRangeJobScheduler will use the time component of the start/end dates. If you want to ignore them, you can pass true/false as the 2nd parameter to the constructor (false is default):

  // Ingore the time component on start/end dates
  appBuilder.UseHangfireServer(backgroundServerJobOptions, new RecurringDateRangeJobScheduler(CronStringFormat.WithSecondsAndYears, true));

Then, instead of using the RecurringJob static methods, use the RecurringDateRangeJob static methods to create/remove jobs:

  // Runs a job every second between the 1st and 27th of January 2017
      () => Console.WriteLine("Awesomesauce!"), "* * * * *",
      startDate: DateTime.Parse("2017-01-01"),
      endDate: DateTime.Parse("2017-01-27")