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A Firefox extension to protect against XSS.


As an user:

Go to about:debugging in the Firefox browser. Go to This Firefox -> Load Temporary Add-on and point to dom_firewall_firefox/background.js. XSnare will now automatically analyse sites you visit and will filter out exploits on sites for which a signature has been defined.

As a signature developer:

Add signatures by modifying sigs.js Mainframe signatures (main_frame_signatures) are used to analyze the main loaded site. Add signatures to their respective framework (e.g. WordPress), or in 'generic' if no framework is available. Signatures can be tested and debugged by using the Inspect option in about:debugging in Firefox. This will open a tab with the extension's background page code.

Running exploit Docker containers:

Studied CVEs are included in wordpress_exploits (some examples may contain sveral CVEs). Each of these has a Docker container which will install WordPress along with the related plugin. docker-compose up to start the container.

Running evaluation:

The selenium-test folder contains several evaluation suites for different purposes, e.g. testing wordpress sites (wordpress_tests_interleaved), testing popular sites (top_500_tests_interleaved), with and without extension, and so on. These can be run with Node.JS, all rerquired files should be included in the repository.