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My Emacs Config

This is my emacs configuration.

If you’re interested in using it, please first consider using it as a source of inspiration first. Check out spacemacs and layers/personal for the most interesting and unusual bits.


Setting up this config for your own use is fairly simple:

cd $HOME
git clone ~/.spacemacs.d
emacs --batch -l ~/.spacemacs.d/init.el

spacemacs is both the config and a script for bootstrapping both ~/.emacs.d/ with spacemacs, and for any external spacemacs layers used.

Some other dependencies you may want to install:

If you don’t want the functionality of these particluar packages, you may ignore them, as the configuration should run without them.

Significant Keybindings

The defaults for emacs/evil are used wherever possible, the following sections document significant alterations or interesting pieces not included in emacs by default.

For more general help, To show every custom custom binding just run `M-x describe-personal-keybindings`. To see an interactive and searchable list of any active keybindings in the current buffer, run `C-h b`.

To understand these keybindings you must understand the emacs [keybinding notation](

General Editing

M-RETDWIM newline
~C-‘~Expand Region
~C-“~Contract Region
M-nGrow whitespace around point
M-NShrink whitespace around point
M-\Shrink whitespace DWIM
M-/Hippie Expand
M-?Hippie Expand Line

Multiple Cursors

`M-m`Mark symbol or next like it (Like `C-d` in sublime)
`M-M`Mark word or next like it
`C-S-n`Mark next like this
`C-S-p`Mark previous like this
`M-‘`Mark all DWIM

Buffer Splitting and Moving

`M-!`Delete current window (not buffer)
`M-1`Delete all other windows (not buffers)
`M-2`Split window vertically
`M-@`Split window horizontally
`M-j`Move focus to next window
`M-k`Move focus to previous window

File opening, Searching and Navigation

`M-o`Open a file in project
`M-i`Fuzzy search current buffer
`C-x M-i`Fuzzy search all buffers
`M-l`Fuzzy search current project
`M-v`Search buffer by semantic units

Capitalization `M-c <key>`

`-`Turn word to snakecase
`m`Camel Case word
`c`Capitalize word
`l`Downcase word
`u`Upcase word

Transposition `M-t <key>`

`l`Transpose line
`p`Transpose parameter
`s`Transpose sexpr
`w`Transpose word


`SPC`Leader Key (in evil)
`M-m`Leader Key (anywhere)