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Release status

Most of these parts are now stable and won't change much more.

How to print Mini Kossel

  • 3x plate_3x.stl (about 3x80g = 240g of plastic)
  • 1x plate_1x.stl (about 50g of plastic)


Pay it forward

Johann is offering free printed parts for Mini Kossel:

  • I'm going to make some Mini Kossel printed parts kits.
  • I'm going to give them away for free (as in beer).
  • Some kits may include some non-printed parts.
  • Free international shipping is included.
  • No delivery schedule, maybe only one kit per month.

But there's no such thing as a free lunch. If you want to receive a free kit, you must swear by your geek honor:

  • To complete your Mini Kossel and tune it well.
  • To print two (2) Mini Kossel kits and also give them away for free.
  • To make your recipients agree to the same rule.

After giving away the 2 free kits, you may sell printed parts for any price you want.

If you're interested, please email and let me know your favorite PLA color and mailing address. If you want to get your printed parts first, explain why you're more qualified than others to start giving away high quality printed parts soon.


Mini Kossel portable delta robot 3D printer.




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