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Home-RF - A Web UI to control 433MHz OOK based devices (Web UI for rf-ctrl)


Home-RF is a web UI providing a nice interface to the rf-ctrl command-line tool. The rf-ctrl tool allows to control 433MHz OOK based devices (such as plugs, switches or chimes), and can be found here -> Home-RF let you register several switches and chimes (presets) in order to get a graphical remote to control them. You can also register devices that supports the WakeOnLan functionality.


For Home-RF to work properly, you will need the rf-ctrl and etherwake tools. Please note that Home-RF does not support authentication yet, so an other way to control the access to the web UI is needed in order to use Home-RF from outside the local network, such as SSH, OpenVPN, or htaccess.

Presets file

The registered devices are stored in a presets file, which must be edited with Home-RF's Preset Editor. Home-RF understands four types: switch for switches and plugs, chime for chime, wol for WakeOnLine compatible devices, and cmd for simple shell commands. The syntax is the following:

switch | <name> | <protocol> | <remote ID> | <device ID> | [ON label] | [OFF label]
chime | <name> | <protocol> | <remote ID> | <device ID> | [label]
wol | <name> | <interface> | <MAC> | [password] | [label]
cmd | <name> | <command> | [label] | [second command] | [second label]

For instance :

wol|Desktop PC|eth0|00:42:42:42:42:00

OpenWrt support

In order to build Home-RF as an OpenWrt package and/or add it to an OpenWrt firmware build:

  • checkout an OpenWrt build tree (only tested on Barrier Breaker 14.07 so far)
  • create the openwrt/package/utils/home-rf sub-folder and place OpenWrt/Makefile in it
  • create the openwrt/package/utils/home-rf/files sub-folder and place the www folder in it

Now, if you run $ make menuconfig from the openwrt root folder, you should see an Home-RF entry in the Utilities sub-menu !


Home-RF is distributed under the GPLv2 license. See the LICENSE file for more information.


So far, Home-RF has been successfully tested on a regular Linux PC, a TP-Link TL-WR703N router running OpenWrt, and a Raspberry Pi. Check out also my rf-ctrl and ook-gpio projects to be able to control a 1$ 433MHz transmitter connected to a TP-Link TL-WR703N router or any other device running OpenWrt.

Fell free to visit my blog, and/or send me a mail !

Copyright (C) 2016 Jean-Christophe Rona


A Web UI to control 433MHz OOK based devices (Web UI for rf-ctrl)




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