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Multilingual Grapheme to Phoneme
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Multilingual Grapheme to Phoneme

Multilingual G2P based on espeak. Based on these ideas.


This G2P may be used in several languages. By defautl, it is configured for Brazilian Portuguese.

How to use

  • First of all, install espeak. On Ubuntu 14.04, sudo apt-get install espeak.

  • Create a words list with one word per line. The file words.egs included in this repository is an example.

  • Execute

./ -w words.egs 

The lexicon will be thrown in /dev/stdout.

  • You may choose a different language simply setting the parameter "l". For example, the following command line will generate a French lexicon.
./ -w words.egs -l fr

The following languages are valid:

af (Afrikaans), bs (Bosnian), ca (Catalan), cs (Czech),
da (Danish), de (German), el (Greek), en (Default English),
en-us (American English), en-sc (Scottich English),
en-n (Northern British English), en-rp (Received Pronunciation British English),
en-wm (West Midlands British English), eo (Esperanto), es (Spanish),
es-la (Spanish - Latin America), fi (Finnish), fr (French), hr (Croatian),
hu (Hungarian), it (Italian), kn (Kannada), ku (Kurdish), lv (Latvian),
nl (Dutch), pl (Polish), pt (Portuguese (Brazil)), pt-pt (Portuguese (European)),
ro (Romanian), sk (Slovak), sr (Serbian), sv (Swedish), sw (Swahihi),
ta (Tamil), tr (Turkish), zh (Mandarin Chinese)

Create a Brazilian Portuguese list of words

  1. Get spelling dictionary, the license is LGPL version 2.1.

  2. Extract pt_BR.dic and pt_BR.aff files from the .oxt file that was downloaded in the previous step. It may be done using vim.

  3. Convert pt_BR.dic and pt_BR.aff to UTF-8:

iconv -f ISO8859-1 -t UTF-8 < pt_BR.dic > portuguese-brazilian-utf8.dic
iconv -f ISO8859-1 -t UTF-8 < pt_BR.aff > portuguese-brazilian-utf8.aff
  1. Change first line of file portuguese-brazilian-utf8.aff from SET ISO8859-1 to SET UTF-8.

  2. Install unmunch tool:

sudo apt-get install hunspell-tools
  1. Generate a list with Brazilian Portuguese words:
unmunch portuguese-brazilian-utf8.dic portuguese-brazilian-utf8.aff > portuguese-brazilian-wordlist

portuguese-brazilian-wordlist will have more than 80 million words and its size will be greater than 1 GB.

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