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ImageOptimOnUpload extra for MODX. This extra uses the ImageOptim API to optimize and/or resize, crop images on Upload to the File-Manager.


By default the extra just optimizes the images. You can set options to resize, crop etc. in System-Settings:

setting default description
imageoptimonupload.filetypes jpeg,png,gif,bmp Comma separatet list of filetypes to process.
imageoptimonupload.options Comma separatet list of ImageOptim Options. Ex. 3000 or 100x100,crop. See Documentation
imageoptimonupload.username To use this extra, you need to get a (currently free) api username from


If you are using some extras to manipulate the filenames on upload (fileSluggy etc.). Make shure, that the Plugin-Priority of the System-Event "OnFileManagerUpload" is higher than the Priority of imageOptimOnUpload.

For example:

fileSluggy: OnFileManagerUpload -> Priority = 1

ImageOptimOnUpload: OnFileManagerUpload -> Priority = 0