In-app browser widget for Titanium
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TiBrowser Widget Appcelerator Titanium Appcelerator Alloy

This is a widget for the Alloy MVC framework of Appcelerator's Titanium platform.

It provides an in-app browser, with back, forward, and refresh buttons, and options to open the current page in the default browser, or copy the current url into the clipboard.

iOS Android

Get it gitTio

Download this repository and consult the Alloy Documentation on how to install it, or simply use the gitTio CLI: $ gittio install be.grincheux.tiBrowser


In a view

  <Widget id="browser" src="be.grincheux.tiBrowser" url="" color="#f00" tintColor="#fff" autoOpen="true" />

If autoOpen is omitted or false, don't forget to add the following code to your controller:


In a controller

Alloy.createWidget("be.grincheux.tiBrowser", {
  url: "",
  color: Alloy.Globals.primary,
  tintColor: "#fff",
  autoOpen: true

Or you can set options after creating the widget if needed.

var browser = Alloy.createWidget("be.grincheux.tiBrowser");


url (string)

The url to be loaded in the browser.

data (object)

The data object with its properties to be read on your local HTML file. Your HTML must have a JavaScript function called loadExternalData which receives the data object as parameter.

    <script type="text/javascript">
        function loadExternalData(data) {
            // At this point, data is a String. We need to parse to convert to an Object
            var obj = JSON.parse(data);
            alert(obj.key + ' - ' + obj.whatever);

color (string)

The main color of the browser (background color of the title bar).

tintColor (string)

The tint color of the title bar.

toolbarTintColor (string)

The tint color of the toolbar.

autoOpen (bool)

If set to true, the window will open on widget creation. Otherwise, you have to use the open() methods.

Available methods


Opens the browser window.

setUrl (string url)

Sets the url for the loaded in the webview.

setColor (string color) - iOS

Sets the main color of the browser (background color of the title bar).

setTitleColor (string color) - iOS

Sets the color of the title bar.

setTintColor (string color) - iOS

Sets the tint color of the title bar.

setToolbarTintColor (string color) - iOS

Sets the tint color of the toolbar.


  • 1.3.6: Add functionality to send parameter to a local HTML file
  • 1.3.5: Added setToolbarTintColor method
  • 1.3.4: Fix iOS icons when launching in landscape orientation
  • 1.3.3: Handle orientation changes
  • 1.3.2: Added setTitleColor method
  • 1.3.1: Fixed iOS/Android differences
  • 1.3: Fixed images path
  • 1.2: Added autoOpen argument
  • 1.1: Added public methods
  • 1.0: Inital commit