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Paper Mario: TTYD Infinite Pit Mod (v2.22.1 r60) by Jdaster64


  • PistonMiner - For the initial REL framework and related tools, and ttydasm, which was immensely useful as reference for vanilla TTYD event scripts; both can be found on the ttyd-tools repository.
  • Zephiles - For the TTYD practice codes (both for ease of testing, and for implementation reference), contributions towards the REL framework (in particular, methods for loading the REL), and creating the original Pit Randomizer, which was the primary inspiration for this mod.
  • Both of the above, Jasper, SolidifiedGaming and other folks who've helped with TTYD documentation.
  • Kappy and Fatguy703 for pre-release playtesting and feedback.


Paper Mario: TTYD Infinite Pit is a Roguelike mod of TTYD's Pit of 100 Trials by Jdaster64. In it, Mario is pit against an endless series of random enemy fights, with random item drops, chest rewards, and more!

Nearly all random elements to setups and rewards are seeded using the save file name, so you can try to improve your time or endurance on a particular seed, or have multiple players race to floor 100 or compete to see who can make it the farthest.

For a detailed overview the mod's features, see the PDF companion guide, or watch the YouTube trailer for a quick summary.

If you're interested, check out this page for information on some of my other Mario RPG mods.


Before attempting to install the mod, make sure you have an unmodified copy of the North American (U) version of TTYD. This can be either an orignal retail disc or a clean ISO (md5 of db9a997a617ee03bbc32336d6945ec02).

This mod will not work on any other version of the game, and support is not guaranteed with any other mods.

After verifying you have a workable copy of the game:

  1. Download the latest version of the .GCI necessary to run the mod from the "Releases" page.
  2. Import the .GCI onto your memory card (remove any other mods' .GCIs, e.g. Shufflizer, but do not remove your TTYD save file.)
  3. Use either a hacked save file or a GCI loader Gecko/AR code to bootstrap the mod's code when running the game.

See this guide for more details on the installation process.

Known Issues

  • No major issues as of the previous version.


A Roguelike mod of Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door's Pit of 100 Trials.







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