Implementation of various design patterns in Rust.
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Design Patterns in Rust

Note: This used to be a repository for design patterns in Python, it is in the process of being converted over into Rust.

Implementation of various design patterns in a new and exciting language called Rust.

These are supposed to be simple examples to not only illustrate the design pattern, but to make it easier to remember.


To learn about a given pattern, open up the source code. All of the patterns are defined in the patterns directory.

To run a given pattern, just run it like this:

# Be in the repository
$ cd design-patterns/

# Run the Adapter pattern
$ make adapter

Be sure to take a look at the list of patterns.

Also included is the complete list of Design Principles listed in the book, Head First Design Patterns, from order of introduction. It is a great resource that reminds one on some very important principles when it comes to software design.


All of the patterns can be found in the patterns directory.

To learn about a given pattern, just navigate to the [documentation][docs] page for the design patterns.

Each design pattern will have:

  1. A definition
  2. List of alternative names (if the pattern has any)
  3. A common problem the pattern solves
  4. A wrong solution
  5. A correct solution using the pattern
  6. Sources used for the pattern for continued reading

List of Patterns


  1. Title: Head First Design Patterns

    Author(s): Eric Freeman & Elisabeth Freeman

    Link(s): Site, Amazon

  2. Title: Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software

    Author(s): Erich Gamma, Richard Helm, Ralph Johnson, John Vlissides

    Link(s): Wikipedia, Amazon