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jdbcdslog's enhancement,has better experience and expect
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please see, that has more interesting new features.

What is jdbcdslog-exp

jdbcdslog-exp is an experimental fork of jdbcdslog that:

  • more directly fill SQL statement (you can copy it to the tool and can be used directly, like Oracle's SQL Developer or PL/SQL and so on )
  • can use a configurable SQL formatter
  • can be configured to display elapsed time
  • is available in the maven central repository
  • supports Java 5 and above (you need to understand that the project should compile with jdk 1.5) (Of course, the original function does not change!)

if you want get more infos please see the original version of jdbcdslog at

Maven Dependency


if you like the native version (jdbcdslog) and use maven, please change the version to, i post it into maven central repo to support for maven.

SVN Link

if you love svn please via jdbcdslog-exp in googlecode or checkout

svn checkout jdbcdslog-exp-read-only

How To Use

please see user guide: Origin UserGuide and UserGuide


if you have any questions,welcome to contact me via Email( or create issues with ,i will reply you as soon as possible.

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