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Supplemental code and data for the paper: Turning the spotlight on California’s (dirty) nighttime emissions
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Supplemental code and data for the paper: "Why 100% renewable energy is not enough", by Jacques A. de Chalendar and Sally M. Benson.

Figures for the paper can be regenerated using the notebooks. Figure 1 can be regenerated using noteboks/figure1.ipynb, and figure 2 can be regenerated using notebooks/CAISO_efs.ipynb

Data sources

  • Life-cycle analysis estimates for electricity generated from different fuels: Moomaw, W. et al. Annex II: Methodology. IPCC Spec. Rep. Renew. Energy Sources Clim. Chang. Mitig. 16, NP (2014).
  • CAISO generation mix data: CAISO Daily Renewables Watch Data. Available at:
  • Great Britain generation mix data: Elexon Balancing Mechanism Reporting Service. API documentation available at:
  • Carbon intensity of CAISO imports: Greenhouse Gas Emissions Tracking Methodology. Available at:
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