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Latest commit 928f0d8 Jan 26, 2011 = Add bin, snk, SWK to the 3.5 project file
bin, snk and SWK are now included inside the FluorineFx-3.5.csproj file.
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FluorineFx-3.5.sln Add missing space to the error message returned to Flash/Flex client … Jan 26, 2011


Source code belongs to

This FluorineFx github project is branched from revision #209 located at

What I changed to the source code:
- fixed a bug that occasionated by a race condition in FluorineFx/Messaging/Endpoints/Filter/ProcessFilter.cs. The FactoryInstance class is shared between 
threads and often get overriden by another thread ( A lock was added in order to prevent concurrent access.
- more detailled error messages were added in order to always log the name of the class and the method (in particular: __Res.Invocation_NoSuitableMethod).
- the name of the class/method were added to the exception message that is sent back to flash/flex (ExceptionASO.cs) when something goes wrong.
- documented a bit more some methods/classes.
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