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Sample IronPython applications
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.nuget Initial commit of the game project and the console sample.
AndroidSample Add IronPython sample.
ConsoleSample Use TH instead of TF.
FlippingGame Add IronPython sample.
PyWpfSample Add pure-Python WPF sample.
WinFormsSample Add pure-Python WPF sample.
WpfSample Add WPF sample that uses an embedded IronPython.
.gitignore Initial commit of the game project and the console sample.
IronPythonSamples.sln Add IronPython sample.
README Fill out the README.


IronPython Samples

This is a collection of smaples that demonstrate how to use IronPython in various enviornments.

All of them implement a very simple coin flipping game, the "business logic" of which is written in Python.

This is the core piece of Python code that implements the game logic and is used by all other samples.

The console version of the game. There is a very small C# program that runs the game, which is written in Python.
This is about the simplest possible form of host.

A more complex sample that uses the dynamic features of C# to call into the Python game code, with the UI and handlers
implemented entirely in C#. This is a more complex host that has to retrieve values from Python code.

This is a WPF version of WinFormsSample, but it implements hosting in the same way.

This is another WPF implementation of the game, but this time implemented entirely in Python. It uses the exact same XAML
as WpfSample.

There seems to be an issue running this smaple from PTVS, but running it from the command line (`ipyw`) works.
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